Stop wasting your money on TOXIC canned compressed air, buy one of these instead!

DataVAC Duster, BETTER alternative to compressed air cannisters, and it isn't TOXIC!

DataVAC Duster, BETTER alternative to compressed air cannisters, and it isn’t TOXIC!

I don’t know about you, but I used to buy quite a few compressed air cannisters a year. I like clean electronics and these were (and are) the defacto option for most people. I would buy them in 3 backs at Costo, which would save me on the financial upfront cost, but the TRUE cost is much higher, when you factor in the effects these canisters have on the environment. You have to realize, it is not really ‘compress air’, but it is a compressed mixture of toxic chemicals that are terrible for you and reap havoc on the environment. I think Mark Ontkush, from Treehugger sums it up best…

Turns out the contents are also horribly bad for the environment. Some of them use 100 percent tetrafluoroethane, a known greenhouse gas that is roughly 3,300 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Nice. So, according to Eric De Place, a 10-ounce can of cleaner will have the same climate-changing effect over the next 20 years as burning at least 100 gallons of gasoline. That’s one can. The other common gas in these things is difluoroethane, which has about 10% of the impact as other variety. Eric states that that is still about 330 times the impact of CO2.

Further irony is that gas dusters are often billed are safe for the environment, citing that they are 100% ozone safe, with no CFCs or HCFCs. These statements are in fact true, but skirt the issue of climate change.

Well, there is a simple solution, buy a DataVAC Electric Duster! I have had mine for almost 4 years now and it amazing! I love it and use it often for all kinds of jobs (including cleaning out my vacuum filters, which I just finished doing!) which the air cannisters simply couldn’t do. It is way more powerful than the air cannisters and comes with a set of different nozzle attachments to give you complete control over the air coming out. Do yourself a favour, buy one today, you won’t regret it. You can hunt around for the best price, but you can buy one for $60 on Amazon.