TED Talks

Our Modern Food (Health) Crisis – Jamie Oliver TED (Video)

Even milk can't escape sugar infusion.

An very inspiring (TED-Talks award winning) speech on the state of our health with relation to how and what we eat. Jamie Oliver wants people to educate kids about what they eat, and give them the knowledge of what exactly they are eating and what is in their school lunches. As he says so brilliantly […]

Every Piece of Plastic Made Still Exists Today

Plastic Sea. Photo Source: Coastal wiki

The title says it all, but doesn’t tell the whole story. Plastic, unfortunately is our toxic legacy. And believe me, global warming, nitrous/phosphorus pollution and habitat destruction are also our legacy, but we can’t discount the negative effects plastic is having and is going to continue to have in our ecosystem and our lives. I […]

TED Talks – Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development (Video)

A very interesting video on an important subject.

About Johan Rockstrom:

Johan Rockstrom is a leader of a new approach to sustainability: planetary boundaries. Working with a team of 29 leading scientists across disciplines, Rockstrom and the Stockholm Resilience Centre identified nine key Earth processes or systems — and marked the upper limit beyond which each system could touch off a major system crash. Climate change is certainly in the mix — but so are other human-made threats such as ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, chemical pollution.