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The Next Generation Asks: Why Not Act on Climate Change? (Video)

Young People Demanding Action

Young people worldwide are demanding answers on climate change. Watch their auditions and add your voice. Thousands heard the call from all over the planet and while it wasn’t easy, we’ve been able to select eight inspiring young people to attend the United Nations Climate Summit in New York on September 23 and ask “Why […]

Toxic Hot Seat (Video) – Ineffective Flame Retardants and our Health

Toxic Flame Retardents

I have written about this topic before in an early post, Toxic flame retardants: In our homes, our dust, our lives, but this HBO special covers this topic in much greater detail and packages it in video ;-) I believe it is very important for everyone to understand the level of chemical experimentation that is happening […]

Our Modern Food (Health) Crisis – Jamie Oliver TED (Video)

Even milk can't escape sugar infusion.

An very inspiring (TED-Talks award winning) speech on the state of our health with relation to how and what we eat. Jamie Oliver wants people to educate kids about what they eat, and give them the knowledge of what exactly they are eating and what is in their school lunches. As he says so brilliantly […]

Bill Nye The Science Guy Explains The Basics Of Climate Change (Video)

Climate Change 101

Originally posted on UpWorthy.com by Megan Kelly If you know anyone who’s having trouble wrapping their head around climate change as a human-driven crisis, this video could really come in handy. Stick around to the end for some empowering words from Bill Nye the Science Guy about how we can work together to turn things […]

Exposed: What’s Lurking in Febreze?

Dangers of air fresheners

I have written about the hidden dangers of air ‘fresheners’ before; and basically they are loaded with chemical hormone disruptor’s that are terrible for you and your family. Febreze is no different, although they try to market themselves that way. Original article can be found at care2.com by Michelle Schoffro Cook. Forget what the TV commercials tell […]

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide has Surpassed 400ppm for the First Time in Human History – SCARY!

400PPM CO2 - Scary

I have been very busy so it has been a while since my last post (although I have lots still to talk about), but this needs to be mentioned. We have surpassed the 400ppm (part per million) threshold of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which is a very scary place to be. This is the highest concentration […]

Freecycle – Have something that is still good, but you don’t want or need it anymore, gift it!

Freecycle - Changing the world one gift at a time

This is a great website and a great service designed to keep things that still work and still have some value out of our landfills (and into the hands of people who can use them). It is a simple and TOTALLY FREE service and like Kijiji or Craigslist it is broken up geographically so it is easy to find […]

The Problem with Anti-Bacterial Soaps

Resistent bacteria is evolving

Read full article here: WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP? on Ecosalon … America has declared war, and it’s not against high-waisted jeans. (Though on that subject, consider me General Patton.) Germs are the new enemy and we’re engaged in hand-to-hand combat with them. Recall the sight of Britney Spears traipsing across gas station bathrooms barefoot, which horrified people […]