‘trade secret’

The smelly stuff in your body products is listed as fragrance or parfum

Parfum/Fragrance - The Hidden Toxins in Our Bath Products

You might have seen my post “The Story of Cosmetics“, which outlines the toxic chemicals used in our everyday bath products. It’s crazy really. Why would we willingly douse ourselves in toxic chemicals everyday? Well the truth is most don’t know; the manufacturer’s do a great job of hiding the ‘true’ ingredients of their products […]

Why do we call a spritz of chemicals an “air freshener”?

Toxic Air Freshener

Seriously? The sad truth is we are voluntarily exposing ourselves to some very nasty chemicals everyday simply by ‘freshening’ up our homes, cars and workspaces. ‘Air fresheners’ are mostly a mixture of volatile toxic chemicals and neurotoxins including benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, toluene, xylene, acetone, benzaldehyde, methylene chloride … just to name a few. Your probably […]