Climate Change Is Simple – David Roberts Explains – TEDTalks (Video)

Earth From Space

Our atmosphere is all that is keeping Earth from being a desolate cold rock like the moon. And we are tinkering with it and radically changing its composition.

This is a well articulated video that presents the most important points (how climate change will affect us as humans) and urges everyone to stop focusing on the complexities of this issue and focus on the simple points. There are lots of simple points that most of us can agree on, and what we can agree on is we are headed toward a pretty scary reality. A must watch video. This is an edited video so they have added background music and additional photos and charts to David Roberts original TEDTalk to enhance the presentation (ominous background music included).

” … That is where we are [today], stuck between the impossible [needed action on climate change] and the unthinkable [how our world will look in the not too distant future with ‘business as usual’ approach] … So your job, for the rest of your life, for anybody who hears this, is to make the impossible, possible …”