Our Modern Food (Health) Crisis – Jamie Oliver TED (Video)

Even milk can't escape sugar infusion.

Oliver shows the amount of sugar one child will have just from school milk in five years of elementary school — a wheelbarrow full of sugar cubes.

An very inspiring (TED-Talks award winning) speech on the state of our health with relation to how and what we eat. Jamie Oliver wants people to educate kids about what they eat, and give them the knowledge of what exactly they are eating and what is in their school lunches. As he says so brilliantly at the end of his speech, “I wish for everyone to help a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again, and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”  Oliver presents our current issue in a very compelling way. We simply, as a ‘modern society’ eat so poorly it is literally killing us. He makes a very good point when he says [paraphrase]:

If it had the cure for aids or cancer you would all be fighting and scrambling to get to me. But here we are as a society with a ‘cure’ for our obesity and poor health (and early death) epidemic but nobody seems to care.

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